Please join us!

Check our calendar. Any time we are holding services or events we will enthusiastically welcome any and all visitors. Whether you are a Nichiren Shū Buddhist, a practitioner of another Buddhist tradition, curious about or interested in Buddhism or even just looking for a sacred place of comfort we would love to have you.

We are a welcoming congregation.

We are a welcoming congregation.




We are located at:

New York Nichiren Buddhist Temple
64 Fulton Street Buzzer # 45
New York, NY 10038

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We are located in the Midtown Comics building. Simply walk to the right of the staircase when you enter and press buzzer number 45. We’ll buzz you through the door and you can take one of the elevators on your right to the fifth floor. After exiting the elevator walk to your right until you find room number 505. Remove your shoes and come on in!